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Safi (saf-ee)

Translation - clean, pure, fresh, genuine, good

Language - swahili

At Safi, we strive to provide high quality and affordable full service laundry services for the community through convenient, reliable and hygienic laundry solutions. 

Our vision is to advance the livelihoods of the communities we serve.

Our goal is to treat everyone with respect and provide the highest level of quality service. With a personalized and unique approach, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we are always striving to meet and exceed your expectations.

Serving our customers is our primary motivation!

We are a safe, local, coinless, and open laundromat. We offer full service laundry, wash and fold laundry service, laundry delivery service, laundry pick up service and self service walk in. 

Call or Text us at 408-770-9148 to get started.

Modern | Clean | Friendly


Proud and Professional



CEO & Owner

Anita Kibunguchy-Grant lives in the Bay Area, California. She has worked for tech companies such as VMware and currently works at Google. She also owns a real-estate company, Makao Group Inc. with her husband Terry Grant. With her MBA from MIT Sloan, she brings a wealth of knowledge in the business.



Secretary, VP of Sales & Owner

Terry Grant lives in the Bay Area, California. He has worked in sales for large tech companies such as Dell/EMC and HP/Autonomy and currently manages a real estate investment company with his wife Anita Kibunguchy-Grant. He manages employee relations and conducts Civil Rights and Compliance investigations for Alameda County Department of Social Services. Terry has a MS and an MBA and he brings a wealth of sales and customer service experience to the business.

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